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The Cancer Cure of the 1930’s

In Technology, World Health by Dusty Croghan

Everything you think you know about disease is wrong and everything about disease is actually quite simple.  For example, did you know a person from Elkhorn, Nebraska by the name of Dr. Royal Rife completely cured 16 people of terminal cancer in 1934? The cure used resonance and light, a process known as “coordinative resonance”.  If you haven’t, blame the massive medical industry known for death and suffering in the quest for profits made by “treating disease”.  Dr. Rife’s work with the cancer cure was based on cancer cells being fungus based viruses, a fact still covered up to this very day by Big-Pharma and organizations like the American Medical Association as well as universities around the world.

Dr. Rife invented and pioneered microscopes that are still unmatched almost 100 years later.  Royal Rife’s microscope designs were so high powered and accurate they observed cancer as a live virus being destroyed.  The device was known as the Royal Rife Machine and was based on using different frequencies matching different viruses, leaving healthy cells completely undamaged.  By the end of 1932, Rife could destroy the typhus bacteria, the polio virus, the herpes virus, the cancer virus and other viruses in a culture and in experimental animals.  In 1934, 16 people were cured of cancer and other diseases by being administered 3 minute treatments every three days.  Dr. Rife’s treatments left no tissue destroyed and no pain was ever felt by the patients. At that time, the “great depression”  was in full swing world wide just as planned.  Funding was almost non existent and The Rockefeller Institute was in complete control of the medical field, mirroring the industry and the suppression of truth today.

“Dr Royal Rife”s investigated the cause of many diseases including cancer. Dr Rife used the most advanced microscope in the world to identify the existence of a Virus that he believed was the sole contributor to all cancers. This microscope was the most powerful of its time, and was invented and constructed by Dr Rife himself; for the sole purpose of locating the Virus that contributed to Cancer.. The birth of the Rife Machine was to be the solution to elimination of this Virus, and Rife performed successful Rife Machine treatments with many patients over the years. This was verified by the U.S.C. Medical School Special Medical Research Committee.” † USC-0292E41-Page1203(b)

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