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In Human Rights, Politics by Dusty Croghan

Leading up to the Global Climate talks in Paris, the war games continue.  Several high ranking military officials have made press appearances calling out Obama ties to funding and assisting Islamic extremists as well as situations like Benghazi and Obama. Although those situations are being largely ignored in mainstream media, they will have impact as things unfold.

Also in the near past Jimmy Carter went on a campaign to talk about his life on Oprah’s new show Super Soul.  It was announced he had cancer at that time as well. Shortly after that, Oprah’s “Belief” was featured at the UN Headquarters for a Special Screening.  Around that time, Jimmy made the press again along with Russian embassy in the U.S, giving Russia ISIS coordinates to bomb in the Euphrates region.

U.S. administration’s, along with governments around the world have been funding and training Extremist in the Middle East and according to a former Member of the Carter Administration, it started in Jimmy’s era.  The Carter Administration and CIA claims to have starting funding mujaheddin to cause instability in the Mid East and force the Soviets to enter war.  Identically in the 70’s to what just happened now.  The Saudi, U.S., and Israel backed Coalition have also been bombing charity hospitals on a somewhat regular basis.

Russia and China have formed alliances in banking and business, especially over the past year when their new banking plans made international press as a solution for Western banking.  The mainstream media covered stories about the U.S. provoking military buildup in China, then Russia started to Bomb ISIS.  Russia has been shining light on the Climate agenda and the misinformation about climate change as well as claiming the U.S. is and has been funding ISIS.  Russia at the same time is facing revolution, protests, and criticism from within relating to extreme government censorship, control, and corruption.

More push for war when a Russian military jet was shot down and the video went viral.  Turkish solders shot the jet with US weapons and killed one of the pilots by firing at both of them after being injected.  Russia said they were set up and they did not enter the airspace.  The official version was changed several time and then suspicions calculations were given as an end result.  Turkey will allegedly be sanctioned and Russia and China continue to build in the region. This just a short time after a Russian passenger aircraft holding civilians was allegedly taken down by ISIS killing all 224 people.  Russia has faced similar accusations against them for military action in the Ukraine including shooting down jets and shooting rockets at Ukrainian forces.  During this time, Russia was fighting U.S. sanctions.  The Ukrainian government was destabilized and seemingly replaced with U.S. backing.

Currently, Russia is blaming the U.S. for the jet shot down by Turkey claiming they did not enter Turkish airspace and they gave the flight information to the U.S..  They are also claiming that extremists including ISIS are almost obliterated and that the entire war on terrorism has been a lie.

As the Climate change conference approaches weather organizations like NASA and NOAA have been caught changing satellite and scientific data by climate experts.  The numbers and configurations have been altered to seemingly fit the necessities for the United Nation climate reports and #COP21.