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Earth Changes: A Bigger View

In Space, The Enviroment by Dusty Croghan

Volcanoes, Solar Flares, Earthquakes, and more.  Does our Universe have some answers? Why is the sun having all these flares?

A long list of factors comes into play when we look at weather patterns and search for answers. How our sun effects our earth has questioned minds as far back as we can look, aeons and ages. As the sun sets and rises each day, colors can tell us a lot about what is going on.

Like our amazing sun sets and sunrises, the aurora borealis is a beautiful and brilliant natural light displays on our planet. These Auroras, also known as the Northern Lights, are caused by solar wind from our sun. The solar wind is actually a burst of traveling charged particles, blows across our geomagnetic field and gathering in our polar regions.

What are these solar winds and how do they help create the storms on our earth? These winds are also called solar storms and in fact the actually do have a lot to do with our planets weather. They are the effect of electromagnetic bursts from the sun. As a solar wind passes around us, some particles are deflected by our own magnetism and pool at our magnetic poles. A different type of particle actually makes its way through our various fields in and penetrates the earth, causing changes.