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Common Themes I – The World Wars

In Human Rights, Politics by Dusty Croghan

Does History repeat itself?  In fact it does and it is becoming obvious, especially given the fact we are with out a doubt moving through World War III.  Who is behind history and what is in store with the current World War?  How can we best understand the karmic wheel?  Our Special Pieces on the third world war attempt to dive deep into the patterns of history.

This year, Greece has played a key role on the global stage just as they always have in matters of war.  For example, in World War II, Greece chimed in with main revolution in Yugoslavia.  Their role has been called the German diversion due to the fact Hitler ended up invading Greece, delaying the invasion of Russia. In our current times, the world war involves currency and creations such as ISIS & ISIL.  Wars and extremists are funded and Created by the U.S. and the world power structure stemming from the Vatican, the global elite, the CIA, and other power structures. Muslim extremists like ISIS are used for many different purposes of destabilizing countries and attaining more power with the excuses to keep people safe are a couple examples.  The extremists are a product of brain washing and tactics such as starvation.

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Lets take a look at Greece, 1821.  Tripoli Greece was known as Tripolitsa at the time of  the Greek War of Independence.   The Fall of Tripolitsa was a battle in the summer of 1821 that marked an early victory for the Greek rebels against the Ottoman Empire.  The Greek War of Independence. had begun earlier in that year.    It is further notorious for the revenge massacre of its Muslim and Jewish population during what was known the Massacre of Tripolitsa, which occurred after the city’s fall to the Greek forces.   Tripolis was one of the main targets of the Greek insurgents in the Greek War of Independence via the Greek Revolution.  The Greeks were assisted by the Russian Empire, Great Britain, France, and several other European powers.

Now, why is that important?  Well Greece connects us to biblical prophecy that some refer to as “Trumpets” and the Euphrates war.  Revelations plays a role because it is the blueprint of the globalists via the UN by way of the Vatican.  The Koran and the Bible are remarkably similar and of corse we are now openly seeing the consolidation of power with a clear call for a one world government and religion.  Religion is one of the primary keys used to manipulate the masses.  Today, Tripoli is is the de jure capital city and the largest city of Libya.  It’s widely known that ISIS and ISIL get funding from globalists and banks connected to the United Nations and the U.S. administrations.

Countries are deliberately starved and war ridden with the pope trying to play the key role of a hero and savior yet the Vatican is a key player in the manipulation.  The world is facing manufactured border problems in countries across the world and it became most prevalent starting with the latest collapse of Greece’s financial system.  Currently, Russia is moving into Syria and broadening their role in the Mid-East.  the UK, Germany, and France oppose arming Ukrainian forces yet the power structures are all aware of the deliberate installation of regimes and the schemes to overthrow countries.

In order to strike on Syria, Cameron will need to enlist the support of Parliament. Cameron has previously stated that he was going to put the issue on military operations in the middle in front of Parlament yet the country is bound  to follow their agreements in NATO.   Turkey is one of the main fronts in the region and as part of NATO and all heads of state are involved in continually perpetrating an endless war with no plans to stop.

The US is one of the main actors of Babylon and it is the main country deceiving the masses via the CIA with the list being endless.  You see the role being filled with examples like the push for Hillary Clinton to play the part of the Whore combined with the elites deliberate push to destroy the economy and many other things.  It is all manipulation for power and money.  The template is used in many different ways all across the world and has been for ages.  The framework is complex and hard to follow however each time you see a savior in anyway come to the rescue, it brings nothing more control and consolidation.

Lets go back even further and look at the fall of Rome in 476 a.d.. Historians have blamed the collapse on hundreds of different factors ranging from military failures and crippling taxation to natural disasters and climate change.  Greece was conquered by Rome. Roman emperors in the west were overthrown by the Germanic empire in 476 C.E..  At that time Rome ruled from Italy. 

Fast forward to World War I when Italy was defeated by the German, Austrian, and Hungarian counteroffensive, known as the triple alliance.  Russia left the war due to riots in it’s own country. The U.S. took part by funding and supplying in the early stages.  When Wilson became President he started drastically mobilizing troops while expanding the United States government.  Wilson claimed to need to to bring reform and democracy to the world despite major public disapproval.  

During the war Greece advanced into Turkey but eventually were checked and forced into retreat.  Terms of the retreat included The Treaty of Lausanne witch had terms of a population exchange between Greece and Turkey.  About one and a half million Greeks had to leave Turkey for Greece and about half a million Turks had to leave Greece for Turkey.  There were alleged atrocities during the time committed by the Greek in the occupation that left a lasting impression on the Turkish mind. Italy struck Germany and Austria and won. After the war, the League of Nations was set up in Italy.  The League of Nation’s was the predecessor of the United Nations and the World Government of the time.

In World War II Germany and Japan. Italy joined what was known as the “Rome–Berlin Axis”, also called the Tripartite Pact.  The imperial ambitions of the Fascist regime, which aspired to restore a “Roman Empire” in the Mediterranean, collapsed due to defeats in Greece and East and North Africa. 

Italy entered the war, because of pressure from Nazi Germany. Russia, then known as the Soviet Union, first signed a non aggression treaty. Germany later broke the treaty and the Soviet Union went to war.  During the war Greece was occupied and divided between Germany, Italy, and Bulgaria, while the the government fled into exile in Egypt. 

Because of the agreement Japan signed with Germany and Italy along with military occupation in parts of China the United States imposed economic sanctions on Japan. Faced with severe shortages of oil and other natural resources Japan attacked at Pearl Harbor.  It has been said due to documents and journalists of the time along with the statements of a U.S. Navy Rear Admiral that the heads of state in the U.S. and Britain knew the attack was coming a week prior and allowed it in order to enter the war with public support.  Japan had a neutrality agreement with the Soviet Union.

Italian Libya  was a unified colony of Italian North Africa in what represents present-day Libya. Italian Libya was formed from the colonies of Cyrenaica and Tripolitania which were taken by Italy from the Ottoman Empire in 1912.  In World War 2 it was used as a wing of the Italian Army. During the war Italy asked for help from Germany and met in Tripoli, February 1941.  Both were forced to retreat in the region by Egypt.

The Soviet Union ended up defeating Germany and surrounding Berlin.  The Soviets met American forces at the gates and Hitler was said to have committed suicide.  The soviets never believed Hitler was dead and records show he may have been relocated to Argentina.  Non the less the country of Germany was defeated.  

During the war the U.S. firebombing campaign obliterated many Japanese cities.  According to historians, Japan’s leaders recognized that defeat was inevitable months before the end of the war.  In April 1945 a new government headed by Kantaro Suzuki took office with the mission of ending the war.  American officials, having long since broken Japan’s secret codes, knew from intercepted messages that the country’s leaders were seeking to end the war on terms as favorable as possible. Details of these efforts were known from decoded secret communications between the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo and Japanese diplomats abroad.

In mid-April 1945 the US Joint Intelligence Committee reported that Japanese leaders were looking for a way to modify the surrender terms to end the war.   The State Department was convinced the Emperor was actively seeking a way to stop the fighting.  To finalize the war the U.S. dropped a uranium gun-type atomic bomb named Little Boy on the city of Hiroshima as well as a plutonium implosion-type named Fat Man on the city of Nagasaki.  Reports of the time all concluded that they were unable to report the Japanese surrender before the attacks due to the obligation of wartime censorship.  After the nukes they started to report but it was to late.  The League of Nations became The United Nations was set up claiming to prevent the world from going to war ever again.  They became the new world government.