Mind Power

In Entertainment & Art by Dusty Croghan

Your mind has the power to change matter through thought. Matter is nothing more than the physical manifestation of energy.  Everything is energy. You have limitless possibilities in each moment based on your thoughts and beliefs. Remember that.  Right now reading this you have millions of options.  You can do anything.

What if you removed your beliefs and had no thoughts while seeing what you desire?

Your entire being including everything from your spirit to the cells of your body and the brain in your physical form are all working multi-dimensionally every moment.  So what does all this mean? Who really cares? If you see this, take a moment and think about where your life is at and how you got here. Where do you want to go and what do you want to do? Go do it.  If your don’t know where to start….. what do you love?  Remember, at all times its essential to think with your heart.  What makes you happy?