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Earth Minerals

In Technology, World Health by Dusty Croghan

For most people, every disease is curable and preventable.  A diet that includes vitamins and minerals is second to emotions when it comes to quality of health and longevity of life.  There are valid concerns with problems such as soil erosion, genetically modified foods, ocean pollution, and even trade agreements. All of these problems deal with human health issues.

The control of world food including the legal codification of victims and minerals is a key factor when it comes to government control. These legalities continue to move forward in very subtle ways with legislation like the renewable fuel standard that effects soil and water as well as GMO labeling bills.  Weather modification programs and areal chemical treatments also effect the global food supply.

It is estimated that over time an accumulated 2 billion people will die from preventable diseases while another 1 billion will die from starvation just from the control of food.    Those figures only cover malnutrition and  do not include statistics from other industries like Big Pharma that push vaccinations and practice profit based medical “treatments.”

Why are minerals so important?  Minerals are essential because they are critical for the production of vitamins, enzymes and hormones in the body. Vitamins and mineral are key to proper blood circulation, fluid regulation, nerve transmission, muscle contraction, cellular integrity, and energy production. Minerals work with each other, other nutrients, as well as the body in perfect sequence.  Any deficiencies can cause disease.

The minerals in our soil play a vital role in soil fertility.  It serves as a direct correlation with the nutrients in our food.  Centuries of mining, farming, irrigation, and acid rain have eroded life-giving minerals from our soil. These mineral-deficient soils are then used to grow and cultivate our food. Because of this, our food may be lacking in essential minerals.

With that being said, different types of soil minerals hold and retain different amounts of nutrients. Chemical companies that deal with agriculture for both food and fuels have plans that completely strip minerals from the soil over time.