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Regenerative Medicine

In Technology, World Health by Dusty Croghan


Regenerative Medicine can be defined as the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues, or organs to restore or establish normal function”. Virtually the entire body is being researched from spinal cords to hearts. Researchers are now beginning to understand cures including correcting defects in fetuses as well as limb regeneration and growing transplant organs.

In the United States alone, hospitals and organ procurement organizations produce statistics and push high dollar media campaigns claiming national organ and tissue donation shortages across the nation. Germany and other countries like Australia with similar medical systems to the U.S. all have the same issues and lawsuits and whistleblowers stepping forward are common. Combined with donation shortages, big pharma and the mainstream medical establishment also claim that after the initial transplant the recipient must take immunosuppressant drugs that prevent organ rejection for the rest of the patients life.

Although the claims about using immunosuppressant drugs over a lifetime are being disputed by actual organ transplant recipients on a regular basis and the organ donor shortage numbers are largely unckecked, the failure of medical procedures, treatment, and after care are proving to be extremely unreliable and largely ineffective. Worldwide scandal has stricken the main stream medical establishment for decades in all areas of practice and false statistics combined with misinformation produced show clearly that profit is the ultimate standard and treating diseases instead of curing the problem brings in a steady flow of profits.

Many new technologies and advancements are making headway behind the scenes and Regenerative Medicine is on that list, with a focus on curing rather than treating. According to researchers, stem cells and cellular therapy assist the body to heal while at the same time increasing the speed of healing. This medical system encompasses far more than just organ and tissue transplants.

Also, advancements have been made in which now cells from elderly people can be made into their young cells. This phenomenon of how cells act as far as age is concerned is familiar to the fact that infants and toddlers have been known to regrow tips of fingers.

Growing Tissues using cells.

A bioprinter deposits living cells called bioink, layer by layer, forming organs and tissue over time. Wake Forest University of Pittsburgh .