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Multi-Billion Dollar U.S. Corruption Scandal

In Human Rights by Dusty Croghan

Massive corruption hits the $3billion a year federal disability program “AbilityOne” as WikiLeaks releases recordings.   The program is meant to pay for the employment of more than 50,000 disabled people. Under “AbilityOne” a number of nonprofits known as designated organizations are set up with the purpose of providing services and support to people with serious disabilities.  Out of the $3 billion, $2.3 billion a year is funneled through a non profit known as SourceAmerica and then to the other designated organizations.  The “AbilityOne” program requires the federal government to check a list of supply and service organizations before any purchases are made.  If the need is on the list the government is required to purchase from that organization.

Two nonprofits  carry the program, NIB and SourceAmerica.  SourceAmerica is to make sure that the AbilityOne program is run efficiently with accountably.  At the same time, It is also SourceAmerica’s role to assist other designated organizations to secure government contracts, and to represent the interests to AbilityOne’s Committee.  Under the program, SourceAmerica is empowered to charge a fee for each successfully concluded contract it facilitates between a designated organization and the federal government.   A 2007 Congressional Report on Federal Disability Assistance identified SourceAmerica’s dual responsibility as a conflict of interest.

According to WikiLeaks, it is alleged that nearly half of the $2.3billion a year does not go to the severely disabled, but is routed by pushing the money to corruptly favored designated organization that recruits able bodied or the mildly disabled instead of the mandated 75% severely disabled.

Thirteen Presidential Appointees to the AbilityOne Committee (ten Obama, three Bush) are being probed by the US Department of Justice and four Inspector Generals.

click here for a the list of audio recordings and transcripts

The AbilityOne Committee:

  1. James M. Kesteloot, Chairperson, Private Citizen (appointed Obama 2010)
  2. Lisa M. Wilusz, Vice Chairperson, Department of Agriculture (appointed Obama 2011)
  3. J. Anthony (Tony) Poleo, Chief Financial Officer, Defense Logistics Agency (appointed Bush 2007)
  4. Dr. P. Edward (Ed) Anthony, Deputy Commissioner, Rehabilitation Services Administration, Department of Education (appointed Bush 2006)
  5. Jan R. Frye, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisition and Logistics, Department of Veterans Affairs (appointed Obama 2011)
  6. Harry P. Hallock, Deputy Assistant Secretary Of the Army (Procurement), U.S. Army (appointed Obama 2011)
  7. Robert T. Kelly, Jr., Private Citizen appointed Bush 2003)
  8. Anil Lewis, Private Citizen (appointed Obama 2012)
  9. Karen J. McCulloh, Private Citizen (appointed Obama 2011)
  10. Thomas D. Robinson, Executive Director, Air Force Installation Contracting Agency, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, U.S. Air Force (appointed Obama 2013)
  11. William Sisk, Deputy Commissioner, Federal Acquisition Service, General Services Administration (appointed Obama 2011)
  12. Virna L. Winters, Director for Acquisition Policy and Oversight in the Office of Acquisition Management, Department of Commerce (appointed Obama 2014)
  13. Rear Adm. Jonathan A. Yuen, Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and 47th Chief of Supply Corps, Department of the Navy (appointed Obama 2012)
  14. (vacant, not appointed)
  15. (vacant, not appointed)