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Technology This Year

In Entertainment & Art, Technology by Dusty Croghan

2016 is the year all the Big Data collected will finally bare usable insight world wide according to researchers. Is that a good thing? We will find out.

Industries in drones, wearable technologies, virtual reality, ambient environments, along with cognitive and machine learning are at the head of the world class this year. Insiders report declines in tablets and PCs with a flattening in the smartphone markets. Bendable displays are in the late development phase and will soon kick off.

Trials of Koala, Google’s autonomous car, hit the roads in summer 2015.  Research and reports show fully autonomous cars successfully road-tested by 2018 in alignment with the United Nation’s “United Smart Cities” framework world wide.

The FAA  has been integrating drone regulations for U.S. airspace and are set to publish in late 2016. The first drone deliveries by companies such as Amazon, Google, and Walmart can be expected as early as 2017.

Cognitive computing is continuing its progress.  The technology refers to self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works.  This is becoming mainstream and will continue to become present in most applications.  Twitter already has caught fire in early 2016 for  rumors of change to algorithms.  The twitter trend #riptwitter was an example of frustration with the changes.  Facebook using cognitive computing.