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What Happened?

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With the world not watching what-so ever, massive corporate mega mergers are continuing to create fraud monopolies like never before.  While the Panama Papers are being orchestrated by western billionaires’ foundations (along side the CIA); corporate buyouts, closings, and sell announcements are all simultaneously occurring.  Spotlights in the press include a few mega merger deals falling short due to government side shows like the Halliburton – Baker Hughs merger and the Pizer – Allegran deal.

Combine that with the likes of the the Obama Administration’s 100,000 Strong foundation and the 100,000 Strong Americas,  mixed in with the Aspen Institute’s 100,000 Strong Initiative, and you have really got something: A CIA mind op among many other things. The Aspen Institute is funded by foundations such as the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Gates Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.

The oligopoly started with the orchestrated crash of the great depression era and the wave of mergers in the 1920s. The mergers dealt primarily with the industries of banking, utilities, and retailing. The depression was world wide. The 1980s global recession highlighted mergers in airliners, technology, and retailing. Industries keep continually consolidating along the way. Over the years, companies like Time merged with Werner and then Time Werner acquired AOL. Exxon merged with Mobile and its all part of global consolidation.

Examples of What is Happening Now

Yahoo is for sale with both Microsoft and Verizon considering buyout.  Alaska Air purchased Virgin America for $2.6 billion.  CenturyLink Investment Management Co in 4th quarter 2015 boosted its stake in Bank of New York Mellon Corp by 106.6%. Bank of New York Mellon Corp is a Top 10 bank.  General Electric Co. is selling a majority stake in Poland’s Bank BPH’s Core Bank. Alior Bank is set to purchase BPH’s Core Bank with an investment of about $2.1 billion.

Charter Communications is set to close Time Warner Cable merger with a 79 Billion deal.  National Amusements, who owns Viacom; who owns CBS, BET, and other media companies acquired the ‘Soul Train’ Franchise From InterMedia Partners.  Brocade just landed a $1.2 Billion Deal for Ruckus Wireless.  UK financial data giant Markit announced plans to combine with its US rival IHS in a deal worth $13 billion.

Germany’s premium car makers Audi, BMW, and Daimler, which owns Mercedes-Benz, are in talks with tech giants and Microsoft Corp..  The three auto makers, which make the world’s leading premium car brands, acquired the Berlin-based digital mapping service HERE from Nokia Corp. last year for $2.85 billion. The deals are part of a global plan to build a platform for self-driving cars connected to the internet.

Duke Energy announced plans to acquire Piedmont Natural Gas for $4.9 billion.  Electric utility owners Southern Co., Emera Inc., and Black Hills Corp have also recently moved to consolidated the industry.

Retail conglomerate Wesfarmers who owns Target just acquired Kmart. Wesfarmers also just acquired Australia’s largest hardware chain Homebase and instantly cut company executives in March 2016. Staples just asked the judge in it’s antitrust case to rule without presenting a defense in it’s case over the merger with Office Depot.  Aureus Asset Management recently just bought $13.2 Million stake in CVS Health Corp (CVS).  Sherwin-Williams announced a deal to acquire the coatings company Valspar for over 11 billion.

Oil Industry conglomerate Naamloze Vennootschap (a Dutch public company), who owns Schlumberger (Total Equity over 37 Billion), just acquired Cameron International (286 on Fortune 500).  The merger closed just after receiving Chinese antitrust approval.

Marriott International just purchased Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.. Starwood CEO stated that deal is putting pressure on other Hotel companies to merge.  The Mariott Starwood deal makes the largest hotel company in the world.  There is a huge merge rush right now with the hotels groups like Holiday Inn, Kimpton, Radisson, Hyatt, and Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., all consolidating the industry.

ComScore and Rentrak just merged.  The U.S. government’s Pentagon Federal Credit Union completed 5 mergers in 5 months, just now merging with Fort Belvoir Federal Credit Union. PenFed is the nation’s third largest federal credit union. More mergers are happening everyday.

A Brief Mergers and Acquisitions History Up To Date

Electrical companies merged in unprecedented numbers setting all time records peaking at 200 per year in the mid 1920s. Most companies were purchased by holding companies that collapsed in the early 30’s that lead to investigations that brought in more government intrusion like the Security Exchange Commission.

The collapse in 1929 brought JP Morgan & Co massive power through buyouts and acquisitions. Today it is know as JP Morgan & Chase after the merger with Chase Manhattan Corporation.  Chase Bank was another winner in the great depression. Chemical Bank was a bank with headquarters in New York City from 1824 until 1996.  Now, Chemical Bank is part of JP Morgan & Chase.

In 1920 the Mercantile Trust Company of California started buying banks out and merged then merged with American Bank of San Francisco in 1927 creating the American Trust Company. American Trust Company then merged into Wells Fargo right around the global economic recession early 1980s.  Wells Faro has been around since the 1850s collecting all along the way. This gives a good idea how the banks made it to where they are at today.