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The Beginning of the Global Economic Crash

In Currency by Dusty Croghan

As predicted for years, financial markets across the world are simultaneously experiencing a full bore, orchestrated, melt down. As the dominoes fall,  the global economic crash is finally becoming impossible to hide.

In America, the speculation and fears upon the beginning of the day were so poor that Rule 48 was imposed on the The New York Stock Exchange.  The rule provides the market with some exemptive relief during extreme market volatility conditions by allowing stocks to open at prices with out floor manager approvals. Even despite rule 48, the Dow Jones alone fell over 1000 points immediately, then bouncing around to end the day at 588 points down .

Over the last week the world’s richest billionaire’s lost a total of $182 billion dollars, 6.3% of their collective wealth.  Currencies around the globe are reaching record lows along side with commodities.  Oil continues to lose substantially as the coming months in 2015 will be a historic global financial fail.  Despite the facts, U.S. mainstream media outlets continue to perpetuate semi-normal conditions with some what positive outcomes.