World Helium Shortage Fabricated

The Unlimited Helium Supply

In Technology, The Enviroment by Dusty Croghan

Thanks in large part to the former Soviet Union’s research from the 1950’s proving that petroleum replenishes and debunking all fossil fuel theories, it is even more apparent that the alleged helium shortage is a complete fabrication as well.  Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, coming in second to Hydrogen.  It is primarily extracted in the production process of natural gas and oil.  The uses of Helium are becoming more apparent, especially due to advancements in the field of quantum mechanics.  Helium has shined most brightly so far with it’s  superfluidity and superconductivity abilities.  Superfuluidity is the state in which a physical substance displays the ability to self-propel, defying both gravity and surface tension.  Superconductivity is the ability of material to carry an electrical current indefinitely, without losing any energy.  With that being said, it is a possible free and clean energy source with advanced technological capabilities.


The earth’s helium supply has been subject to a large amount of mis-information and manipulation.  Global financial markets and regulation have drove up prices using the common misconception that the earth has a dire shortage that can never be replaced, especially following the privatization of the industry.  The “shortages” are in fact a bi-product of a manipulated lack of production.   According to a U.S. Geological Survey from 2015, the United States has an estimated 20.6 billion cubic meters while the rest of the earth has an additional 31.3 billion cubic meters.  Those numbers are based on 26 countries alone.